Nepal Cup school projects

Gaurishankar Higher Secondary School

The first Nepal Cup school project

Local contribution: 20%

No. Of students: 515

No. Of teachers: 16

No. Of classrooms: 8

Expected Finished July 2017

Gaurishankar Higher Secondary School is located in Jagat village in the Dolakha District in the north-eastern Nepal (6-8 hours drive from Kathmandu). The village consists of over 448 households, whose primary occupation is agriculture. The majority of families have no income since they do not produce sufficient agricultural products for resale. The inhabitants also have a low level of education, since most of the children drop out of school after the fourth or fifth grade.

Due to the poverty in The Jagat village, 80 % of the male villagers, travel to other parts of Nepal and abroad to take on low-paid work (about 200 dollars/month).

Since the earthquakes last year, the children in the village has not had any good the school facilities. It is our hope that with a better teaching environment, and concrete goals for the development, we can support this community for a better future.

The building will be earthquake resistant and has eight classrooms.

Today, the school is almost finished, and the official opening ceremony is expected to be held in September 2017.

Tellok Higher Secondary School

The second Nepal Cup school project

Local contribution: 20%

No. Of students: 528

No. Of classrooms: 8

The more than USD50,000 that was collected in connection with Nepal Cup 2016 will be used on Tellok Higher Secondary School. Another of the thousands of schools that was destroyed in the earthquakes in 2015. The school is in the Taplejung District in Northeast Nepal.

The primary occupation of the local community is agriculture. The majority of the families have no or little income, because they do not produce sufficient agricultural product for resale. The purpose of this project is to construct a 2-story building with eight classrooms. The school has 528 students, and with the new building, the students gets more space and less students per class.

Siddheswari Secondary School

The third Nepal Cup school project

Local contribution: 20%

No. Of students: 195

No. Of classrooms: 6

The school is located in Taplejung District in Northeastern Nepal.  The majority of families in the area have no or little income, as they don't produce sufficient agricultural products for resale. 

The community has been suffering since the earthquakes, as one of its school buildings was severely damaged. This means that there is lack of space for the students. The six new classrooms will create a far better learning environment for the students and help increase the changes of moving the students and their families out of poverty. 

The construction of this school is in progress.

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